Cash Management

At Emprise, we know how hard it is to maintain a successful business. That's why we created these cash management services—we can help you control your finances and free up more time for you to put into your day to day business operations.

ROI Calculators

Emprise Bank doesn't just talk about savings -- we offer you tools to achieve it.

The business environment has never been more competitive, and you've never had to work harder for every dollar of profit. That's why our Cash Management tools are so important. Every business solution offered by Emprise Bank saves your business time and money -- and that's not something you have to take our word for. This suite of calculators will take your real-world numbers and calculate the Return On Investment your company can expect to achieve.

ACH Origination Services

Managing funds electronically allows you to disburse and/or collect funds more quickly, easily, safely, and cost-effectively than traditional paper-based transactions. By transmitting data over electronic networks, ACH services enable you to efficiently direct funds.

Direct Deposit & Auto Debits

Set up incoming and outgoing transactions through our secure electronic services. It's more convenient to customers and saves you time and money by eliminating deposit tickets and check processing costs.

Cash Concentration

Businesses with multiple locations can consolidate funds into a single, easier-to-manage account. This provides more efficient cash management and forecasting while improving investment opportunities.

Corporate Payment

Initiate or receive payments directly through your Emprise account. This service is used by businesses to pay one another for goods or services and reduces postage, administrative, and check printing costs.

State / Federal Tax Payments

Initiate state and/or federal tax payments easily, and addenda items required by state and federal governments. This service includes payroll withholdings and childcare payments.

Positive Pay

This real-time check fraud prevention service helps protect your business by alerting you to possible fraudulent items presented to Emprise Bank. Checks-issued data is uploaded via eBusiness Access and exception items can then be viewed online so you can decide whether to pay or return the item before a loss occurs.

Lockbox Services

Our lockbox service is designed to reduce the time it takes for you to receive payments and update your internal records to show the payments have been made. Lockbox services can also greatly reduce opportunities for payment fraud and internal theft because lockbox payments are processed at a secure lockbox site.

CD / DVD ROM Statements

A convenient way of storing statements and images for easy retrieval, our CD/DVD ROM statements include windows-based software to easily view and print your monthly statements, check images, and deposit images.

Check/Deposit Reconciliation

With this convenient service, you can make deposits from multiple locations to a single checking account and receive deposit information per location. These services can be combined with eBusiness Access for easy access per location.


This account reconciliation tool allows you to download your account information in a BAI2 file format. You can then upload the file into your accounting system for automated account reconciliation.

Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) Statements

With CTX statements, you can receive one electronic payment covering multiple invoices while still tracking each individual invoice. The statement allows you to view payment information for multiple items within a single payment online via eBusiness Access.

Restricted Access Accounts

These are checking accounts that cannot be debited. You can provide the account number to a client or vendor who wishes to deposit funds electronically into your account. A restricted access account adds another layer of fraud protection for your business.