eBusiness Deposit

eBusiness Deposit

Streamline cash processing by eliminating the need to run to the bank to deposit checks. With this secure electronic service, you can scan in checks from your office and get them credited to your account. So you spend less time running to the bank, giving you more time to put back into your business.

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  • Make deposits from your office
  • Save time and expense
  • Improved cash flow
  • View last 3 months' transactions
  • Minimize/eliminate trips to the bank
  • Extended deposit deadlines
  • Consolidate funds from multiple locations
  • Securely encrypted to protect your accounts
  • Scanner provided
How It Works

    A scanner (available from Emprise Bank) is used to scan checks received. Our browser-based software then allows you to review scanned items, make deposits, and review past deposits for research purposes. The entire process is done via a secure Internet connection to Emprise Bank. Information is not stored locally on the PC, minimizing the risk of fraud and data loss.

    Click below for a Demo of the eBusiness Deposit module.

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