Sweep Services

Sweep Services

Every dollar should be working hard for your business. Our sweep services make sure that happens without taking up more of your precious time. You can also get a line of credit to ensure you always have the spending power you need. Read more about our sweep options below.

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  • Simplify daily money management tasks
  • Earn interest on idle assets
  • Link to line of credit available
  • Maximize balance
  • Secure automatic transfers
  • Target balances always maintained
  • Set it and forget about it

An investment in shares of the Funds is not insured or guaranteed by the United States, by any state, or by the FDIC, is not a deposit or other obligation of the United States, any state, or a bank, or guaranteed by a bank, and involves investment risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested

    Sweep Account Options

    Zero Balance Account

    Manage the disbursement process by transferring money from the funding account automatically to cover balances made on the Zero Balance Account. It also allows you to manage funds in one special purpose account conveniently.

    Investment Sweep

    This account makes daily automatic transfers between your checking and a Money Market Mutual Fund.* Excess funds over a specified sweep point are swept from the checking account and invested. As funds are needed, invested balances are decreased and funds swept back into the checking account.

    Loan Sweep

    A Loan Sweep provides an automated method of managing excess funds with a line of credit. Excess funds over a specified sweep point are swept from the checking account to pay down the loan. A loan advance will automatically occur if the checking account balance falls below the established sweep point.


    This unique combination of the Loan Sweep and Investment Sweep allows commercial customers to sweep excessive funds to a line of credit and an Investment sweep simultaneously. Excessive funds are first swept to the loan up to an established limit; additional funds are swept to the investment account. As funds are needed, invested balances are drawn from the investment sweep, then advanced from the line of credit.

    *Money Market Mutual Fund funds are:

    • Not FDIC insured
    • Not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by, Emprise Bank
    • Subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested.