Terms & Conditions

Notice of Change – Terms & Conditions of Your Account

The Emprise Bank Terms & Conditions of Your Account ("Deposit Agreement") was recently amended. These amendments are intended to more clearly set forth the terms and conditions of your banking relationship with us, but do not change the features or terms of any particular deposit product. No action is required of you. You may view the Deposit Agreement, including the revised sections by clicking here. You may also obtain a copy of the Deposit Agreement by contacting our Customer Service Center at 1-855-383-4301, or by visiting your local branch.

The following sections have been added:

Important Account Opening Information; Payment Order of Items; Indorsements; Death or Incompetence; Fiduciary Accounts; Credit Verification; Legal Actions Affecting Your Account; Telephonic Instructions; Claim of Loss; Resolving Account Disputes; Waiver of Notices; Unclaimed Property; Lost, Destroyed, or Stolen Certified, Cashier's or Teller's Checks; Truncation, Substitute Checks, and Other Check Images

The following sections have been replaced in their entirety:

Liability; Deposits; Withdrawals; Ownership of Account and Beneficiary Designation; Stop Payments; Amendments and Termination; Temporary Account Agreement; Authorized Signer