Why only community banks?

Glad you asked! They support our local businesses, our communities, our nation. They're pillars of our economy. They actually perform customer service. Heck, some even hand out cookies. You got something against cookies?


Do You Kasasa?

What is Kasasa?

Kasasa is a completely new kind of banking that puts you first.

Kasasa is about free checking and savings accounts served up by community institutions like Emprise Bank—institutions that employ the best people so you get the stellar customer service you expect.

By pairing Kasasa products with institutions like Emprise Bank, we believe we can change the face of banking forever, maybe even the world. Like all great movements, it starts with you.

It's time to get off the megabank roller coaster of frustration and choose a Kasasa account from Emprise Bank.

It's a win-win for you because you get innovative products and personal service.

It's a new way of doing things that puts you first - where you belong.

Learn about Kasasa Cash , Kasasa Cash Back , Kasasa Tunes , and Kasasa Saver and open an account today.

Our Philosophy

Are you just banking?

That is, are you settling for ho-hum checking -- not getting much and not expecting anything? Are you numb to the frustrations of banking and minimum balance requirements that feel like a trick?

Do you wonder whose money it really is? Do you want more from your account?

Stop. Breathe. Kasasa.

It's a new word for a new day.

It's a belief that your account can actually become a force for good in your life – or the lives of others.

It's the conviction that your money should work hardest for you – not someone else.

It's the power to make communities stronger and change the way you bank forever.

For too long, your money has been overlooked and undervalued. For too long, you have been choosing from “shades of gray”. It's time to make a change, right now.

See the light. Whatever you do, don't just bank. Not anymore. Those days are gone. And all of that megabank
frustration – gone.

Don't just bank. Never just bank.