Our Story. Our Roots.

The story of Emprise begins long before there was an Emprise Bank. It starts in 1910, when Stockyards National Bank was formed in Wichita. From day one, the bank set out to be something special, something different. It elevated the standard for service and began a beautiful success story that has continued to endure – with no end in sight more than 100 years later.

The Michaelis family acquired Stockyards National Bank in 1965, eventually changing the name to United American Bank & Trust in the early 1970s. Regardless of the name on the building, a tradition of excellence remained a cornerstone of the bank’s success.

Over the next two decades, the Michaelis family strategically continued to grow the bank. They acquired banks and opened locations in communities across Kansas including Council Grove, Eureka, Hays, Hillsboro, Iola, Moran, and Potwin.

During this period, the Michaelis family also acquired the National Bank of Wichita and Wichita State Bank. In 1989, the three Wichita banks merged and introduced themselves to Kansas as Emprise Bank.

The growth didn’t stop there. Emprise Bank expanded into Lawrence in the early 1990s. Later in the decade, Emprise acquired Wichita Federal Savings & Loan, an acquisition that increased Emprise’s market share and doubled its asset size. But Emprise wasn’t done growing – there were still people and communities that needed to be served. Emprise Bank continued to expand, adding locations in Chanute, El Dorado, and Humboldt.

In the early 2000s, the Michaelis-owned banks beyond the Wichita area were merged into the Emprise Bank charter, creating one bank and one cohesive way to do business across the state of Kansas.

In 2006, Emprise acquired Prairie State Bank. This was a significant move, expanding the Emprise footprint and increasing the number of employees to more than 450. Through the merger, Emprise Bank reached $1 billion in total assets.

The 2010s have seen Emprise begin to serve the needs of two more Kansas communities: Clearwater in 2011 and McPherson in 2016.

Today, Emprise Bank is a $2 billion bank serving more than 20 communities across Kansas. Now under the third generation of Michaelis family leadership, we're still committed to empowering our communities and delivering the stellar service and innovative banking products that have made Emprise the premier community bank in Kansas.