The Emprise Way. Our Values.

What we do and say is a reflection of who we are at Emprise. It's no secret: we've set high expectations for ourselves and our values are represented in every transaction and interaction.

At Emprise, we believe passionately in:


It is at the heart of everything we do - integrity is the foundation of our business. Honesty drives success. At Emprise, we’ll always do what’s right and deliver on our promises.


At Emprise, we believe loyalty is what separates the ordinary from the great. It’s important that we foster a family spirit and an environment of care and support that is reciprocated. We’ve got your back, and we hope you know it!


Our bank fosters a spirit of leadership at all levels, regardless of title. Our employees strive to add value to customer relationships and drive improvement in our communities. Responsibility and accountability go hand-in-hand at Emprise Bank.


There really is no substitute for being kind. You matter to us and you can expect that attitude every time you walk in our doors. You will always be treated with courtesy, equality, and respect. With Emprise, you’re never treated like just a number.


Fostering a spirit of giving is important to Emprise – and though we give in a variety of ways, it matters to us that we’re generous with our time. From volunteering in our communities to mentoring and being a resource for those in need, we believe that when we work together, we can achieve great things.


It may not be everything, but it matters. We’ve built a team that strives to never be satisfied with just “okay.” We are constantly looking for new ways to make you glad you chose Emprise as your bank. We’re not afraid to do whatever it takes to serve our customers, our teammates, and our community.