Where there's smoke, there's Emprise.

It started as a typical Friday at Emprise Bank - customers coming and going, all seeking assistance and advice with their financial needs. Then, the smell of smoke filtered into the lobby. Outside, smoke could be seen coming from a home just a few doors down!

Immediately, two Emprise bankers went down the block and discovered that a neighbors lawn had caught fire and was quickly closing in on the home.

After conferring with the homeowner, one banker took their kids to the safety of Emprise Bank. The second banker (who was also a volunteer firefighter) busily hooked up a garden hose. The fire had spread to the front porch before the fire department had the blaze under control.

At Emprise Bank, we love to help people with their financial needs, or anything else life throws at you. We treat everyone like a neighbor, whether you live two doors down or across the country. It’s why we take tremendous pride in being a community bank.