From Texas...with love

One of our greatest priorities is to protect you and your accounts. It’s a responsibility we take seriously.

So we’re prepared when we see that something’s just not right.

That’s what happened when Doug walked into our branch with a check he’d received from selling his car online.

Things just didn’t add up with Kim, an Emprise Personal Banker. The buyer was from Texas, the envelope was postmarked California, and the phone number was from Florida. And that check written for more than the purchase price? Hmmmmm.

Alarm bells were sounding. “Let me look into this before we try to deposit it,” Kim said. “I would feel better with confirmation that this buyer is legit.”

Because of Kim’s quick thinking, we were able to verify that the funds were from a closed account before Doug shipped his car to the “buyer.” Kim saved the day… and Doug's money.

At Emprise, we’re always looking out for you.