Emprise Bank announced today that they are sharpening their focus on Kansas agriculture to make it a focal point of their commercial business. The effort will be a magnified continuation of Emprise's long history of serving the agriculture industry, reaching back more than a century to when it was Stockyards National Bank.

To lead the effort Emprise has created a specialized agriculture segment. Glenn Buchholz, long-time commercial banker and industry expert, will lead the segment. Buchholz is entering his 28th year at Emprise. During that time he has served in a variety of roles including Market President in both Iola and the Flint Hills area.

“Agriculture has been a part of our business for a long time,” said Buchholz. “We have a group of experienced bankers around the state - El Dorado, Iola, Wichita, Hillsboro - that understand what it takes to run a successful operation. For us, it's about more than making loans. Our aim is to help in every area and stage of a financial relationship.”

Buchholz continued, “Emprise is a community bank and a family-owned business. Our bankers share the values and drive that embody most Kansas farmers. You need to be driven, because farming and ranching isn't for everyone. But everyone depends on it, whether they realize it or not.”

Emprise Bank Chairman Matt Michaelis expanded on those sentiments:

“Agriculture is a challenging industry, but we recognize how vital it is to our communities, our state, and to our entire country,” said Michaelis. “You can't overstate its importance.”

Michaelis continued, “With the unique challenges that agribusinesses face, a one-size-fits-all approach is not good enough. They need a trusted financial partner that knows them, knows their business, and has the ability - and agility - to help them do what they need to do to be successful. They need financial solutions that will help them thrive. The creation of a specialized segment allows us to couple our existing expertise with more flexible and tailored solutions that will translate to more efficiency and more convenience for our customers.”

Emprise’s agriculture segment is the first of three new commercial segments they will launch in 2019. Learn more at emprisebank.com/ag.