Aaron Veatch has been selected to succeed Tom Veatch as CFO of the bank’s holding company, Emprise Financial Corporation.

Aaron Veatch has served in the role of CFO for Emprise Bank since January 1, 2010. Prior to becoming Emprise Bank’s CFO, he spent nine years at Emprise Financial Corporation as Vice President of Finance and Tax.

Emprise Bank has initiated a search for a new CFO. Aaron Veatch will begin the transition to his new role at Emprise Financial Corporation after his successor at the bank is in place.

Tom Veatch has spent more than 40 years working in various finance roles for the Michaelis family, owners of Emprise Bank. Over the course of 2018, he will reduce his workload as he progresses towards retirement. After 2018, he will continue to be involved with Emprise Financial Corporation and other Michaelis family operations in an advisory role.

“Tom has been an invaluable resource for our family over the past four decades,” said Emprise Bank Chairman Matt Michaelis. “And we’re extremely privileged to have Aaron ready to step into his role at Emprise Financial Corporation. Aaron’s time at EFC and the bank make him the logical choice to fill this role.”

Michaelis continued, “In order to arrange a smooth transition, we will begin a search to identify a new CFO immediately. Our goal is to name a successor in ample time to allow for a full transition by year-end.”

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