Wichita, Kan., November 6, 2017 – Emprise Bank announced today that customers now have the option to securely and electronically sign (eSign) documents for certain types of loans in situations where “wet” signatures were previously required.

Customers can now sign documents when it is convenient for them, eliminating the time and cost of driving to the bank. A true end-to-end digital delivery experience for online customers, this new feature avoids the disruption of customers starting the process online and then requiring them to come to the branch to complete it. Customers also have the option to save an electronic copy of digitally signed documents for more convenient and secure storage and access. In later phases, Emprise Bank will be able to support blended channels of signing such as permitting one borrower to sign electronically while the other elects to sign at the branch.

“At Emprise Bank, we strive to continuously enhance the customer experience by streamlining processes, enhancing security and saving customers time when it comes to conducting routine banking activities, all while providing the highest level of service,” said Elizabeth Crawford, Credit Strategy Manager at Emprise Bank. “Our latest eSign feature is part of this commitment, and we’re thrilled to now offer this capability to our customers. Not only will it provide greater convenience, but it could shorten the process from start to finish. Customers no longer have to visit the branch during business hours and can complete processes quickly and effortlessly. We’re confident our customers will enjoy this new feature.”  
Emprise partnered with IMM, the leading source of eSignature and eTransaction management services for financial institutions. Using a secure platform, documents are electronically provided to the customer via an email link. After the customer authenticates their identity, they may use their smart phone, tablet or PC to electronically sign the documents. The interactive signing experience uses an Adobe interface that streamlines and simplifies the process for the customer. The electronically signed documents are then submitted to the bank for disbursement and booking.

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