eBanking Credentials: The Security of Infrequently Asked Questions


When you set up your online financial accounts, as well as a lot of other accounts these days, you are often asked to establish what are known as your authentication credentials.

In addition to setting up a user name and password, you choose a set of questions to answer that requires knowledge of your life, e.g. “What was the name of your first pet?”. You may also choose an image to serve as an identifying icon for your account, then you may be asked to create a phrase associated with that image. The idea is not only to authenticate your identity, but to assure you that you are not on a fake site. This credentialing sequence is typically triggered the first time you access your account from a new computer or mobile device.

Exactly no one but you should know your credentialing information. No legitimate financial institution should ever contact you and ask for your e-banking credentials. Nor should you be required to give them that information if you are receiving assistance with an online banking issue. That information is not necessary for the bank to provide online support. If you are an Emprise Bank customer, you can find information about setting up Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Bill Payments services in our Online Banking Agreement.

The security of your accounts is of paramount importance to all of us here at Emprise. If you would like to learn more about how Emprise Bank handles and protects your personal information, please visit our Security Knowledge Center.

It’s also very important to us that you are completely satisfied with your Emprise e-banking experience. If you are having issues authenticating to your Emprise Online Banking accounts, notice any suspicious activity, or if you have any complaints or questions, please contact us immediately.