Build your financial health. Determine your financial future.

rotating screenshots show a circle chart for spending and colored bubbled for budgets and a line graph for net worth

Manage your financial life all in one place.

With our robust financial management tool, you can see the big picture or dive deep into your finances. Connect all your external accounts to manage your money in one place, and get an overview of your spending.

Get powerful, personalized insights.

Personalized insights based on your activity can help you take steps to improve your financial health. Get notifications on your subscriptions, tips for saving extra cash, and even your weekend spending summary. Log into digital banking or the app to get started!

Check your progress by tracking your net worth.

To get the most comprehensive financial picture, connect all of your external accounts including deposits, loans, mortgage, even your investments or 401k. You can also add in the value of your assets, such as your home.

Learn how to become debt free.

You can connect all of your debts (credit cards and loans) and select a pay off strategy. Once you choose your strategy, edit the total monthly pay down to see the impact extra payments can make on your goal.

myInsights debts showing mortgage payoff adjustments

Helpful hint: To avoid getting an “Oops! We can’t show payoff dates for any debts…” message, you need to add your minimum payment, rate, and beginning loan balance. Click on the loan to add your details.

enter account details to avoid getting the oops message in debts insights


All your accounts in one place.

Connect all your accounts to see spending trends, changes to your net worth, and learn how to become debt free.