Financial Health

We'll help you prepare for tomorrow.

With disruption to your daily life, you may be feeling anxious about your finances. You’re not alone! Right now you need to be able to count on your bank more than ever, so we want to offer some steps you can take to help stay in control and financially healthy.

Managing Your Current Budget

Uncertainty can lead to stress. Not having a good picture of your finances doesn’t help. Focusing on your budget now can help you take control of your spending and give you peace of mind.

Now is the time to look closely at your finances to shift expenses, trim optional spending, and find opportunities to save. If you’re not already budgeting, get started with our FREE Personal Finance tool.

Help with Managing Your Savings

If you haven’t been saving, start now if you can. We’ve got you covered with savings options

If you’re already saving, keep it up. And don’t feel bad about tapping into your emergency fund. You’ve been building it for times like this.

Either way, remember that your accounts at Emprise are FDIC-insured, so your money is safe and secure. Interest rates may fluctuate, but your account balances are not affected by the ups and downs of the market.  

We’re Here to Help

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