Pay Securely with Android Pay™

Make purchases using any NFC-enabled Android™ device running KitKat (4.4) or higher.

Step 1: Download Android Pay Step 1
Download Android Pay from your app Store. If Android Pay does not appear available, confirm that your Android device is running the compatible KitKat (4.4) software or higher. You may be asked to turn on NFC on your device settings.

Step 2: Add Card Android Pay Step 2
Add your Emprise Bank credit or debit card to Android Pay on your compatible Android device.

Android Pay will verify your identity by sending a one-time passcode to the phone number or email address you have on file with Emprise Bank. For help adding your Emprise Bank cards to your phone's mobile wallet platform, visit Android’s website.

Step 3: Pay Android Pay Step 1
Pay by holding your unlocked Android phone near participating merchant readers. You can also pay online and in-app.


Android Pay purchases do not use your credit or debit card number, adding an additional layer of security. Recent transactions are available to view in the Android Pay app and through Emprise Bank Online Banking or Mobile Banking. If your Android phone is ever lost or stolen, you can quickly suspend Android Pay by using Android Device Manager or by calling the number on the back of your credit or debit card.

Android and Android Pay are trademarks of Google Inc.