Easily send money to just about anyone!

With People Pay, you can easily send money and eGift Cards to other people with just a name and either an email address or mobile phone number. People Pay is an innovative personal payment service that eliminates the hassles of checks and cash. People Pay allows you to send money and eGift Cards as easily as you send emails and text messages.

How to send money using People Pay:

  • To send money, log in to your Online Banking account or Emprise Mobile Banking app and go to People Pay.*
  • Send money using the recipient's name and email address, mobile number, PayPal account or checking/savings account information.
  • You can even add a personalized message.

How much does People Pay cost?

The cost is $0.75 for standard delivery. However, eGift cards are free!

How to send eGift Cards**

  • To send an eGift Card, log in to your Online Banking account or Emprise Mobile Banking app and go to People Pay.*
  • Select the eGift Card to send from a variety of retail companies - you're sure to find the perfect card.
  • Follow the easy instructions to select the amount for the card.
  • Send your eGift Card by email address or cell phone number.

It's easy and eGift Cards are free of any additional fees!

People Pay Preview:


*You must enroll in People Pay and be approved, a process which can take up to two business days, before using People Pay or sending an eGift Card. Once confirmed, you will receive a confirmation message through your Online Banking access.

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