Take control of your finances.

There’s no sugar coating it—it’s been a tough year. If the pandemic has taken a toll on your finances, you're not alone. Millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet, and we want to help. With our free Personal Finance tool, you can take back control of your finances in 2021.  

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Here are some of the ways this tool can give you peace of mind: 

Goals Spending Transactions Net Worth Debt Budgets

Ready to stress less and sleep better? To access Personal Finance, log in to Online Banking. After enrolling online, you can use the tool while on-the-go using the mobile app. 


For best results, use Chrome or Firefox to access the Personal Finance tool in Online Banking.
To use the Personal Finance widget in the Emprise Bank Mobile App, users must first enroll via Online Banking.

To access Personal Finance, log in to Online Banking. Log In

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