The tools to get things done.

Managing your finances doesn’t have to monopolize your time. You’ve got a lot of work to do, which is why we’ve put together a suite of cash management services to help you control your money. Less time spent banking means more time running your business.

ACH Origination Services

Need a safe and efficient way to move money? When you use ACH, you can manage your funds electronically which means you’re able to send and receive money faster, safer, and more cost-effectively than traditional paper-based transactions.

Direct Deposit and Auto Debits

Save time, save money. Set up secure electronic transactions and cut out the hassle and cost of deposit tickets and check processing.

Cash Concentration

Does your business have multiple locations? Consolidate funds into a single, easier-to-manage account to provide more efficient cash management and forecasting while improving investment opportunities.

Corporate Payment

Sending and receiving payments can be easier. With Corporate Payment, send or receive payments directly through your Emprise account. A more affordable way for your business to pay others for goods and services.

State/Federal Tax Payments

With this service easily initiate state and/or federal tax payments, as well as addenda items required by state and federal governments, including payroll withholdings and childcare payments.

ACH Positive Pay

Fighting ACH fraud requires awareness, control, and the right tools.  ACH Positive Pay reduces the risk of ACH fraud by alerting you of possible fraudulent items so you can make decisions about ACH debit activity on your checking account. The payment rules you establish will flag incoming ACH debit transactions for your approval.

Check Positive Pay

Protect your business with this real-time check fraud prevention service. Positive Pay alerts you to potentially fraudulent items and allows you to decide whether to pay or return the item – before a loss occurs.

Lockbox Services

When you process payments at a secure lockbox site, you reduce the risk of payment fraud and internal theft, and also shorten the amount of time needed for your internal records to reflect that payment has been made.

CD/DVD-Rom Statements

Store statements and images for easy retrieval. Our CD/DVD-Rom statements allow you to easily view and print your monthly statements, check images, and deposit images.

Check/Deposit Reconciliation

Make deposits from multiple locations to a single checking account and receive deposit information itemized per location.


Download your account information in BAI2 file format and upload to your accounting system for automated account reconciliation.

Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX) Statements

Receiving payments can be easier with CTX Statements – receive one electronic payment that covers multiple invoices, without losing the ability to track each invoice.

Sweep Services

Automatically transfer funds your business isn’t using into one of our sweep account options to make sure that every dollar is working hard for your business.

Sweep Account Options:

  • Zero Balance Account 
    • Manage the disbursement process by transferring money from the funding account automatically to cover balances made on the Zero Balance Account. It also allows you to manage funds in one special purpose account conveniently.
  • Investment Sweep1

    • Daily automatic transfers are made between your checking account and a Money Market Mutual Fund.2
    • Specify the sweep point, and excess funds beyond that point are swept from the checking account and invested. Sweep funds back into the checking account as funds are needed.
  • Loan Sweep

    • Automatically manage excess funds with a line of credit using a loan sweep. Set the sweep point, and excess funds over that point are swept from the checking account to pay down the loan. Should the checking account balance fall below the sweep point, a loan advance will occur automatically.
  • MultiSweep

    • This sweep account is a combination of the Loan Sweep and Investment Sweep1 and allows business customers to sweep excess funds to a line of credit and Investment Sweep. Accounts are first swept into the loan account, and once a set limit is reached, the additional funds are swept into the investment accounts. When funds are needed, balances are first drawn from the Investment Sweep, then from the line of credit.

Payroll Cards

Looking for an alternative to payroll checks? Issuing payroll cards to your employees saves you time and reduces the expense of payroll administration. Once you credit their pay to them electronically, your employees can use their payroll cards to make purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs.

1. An investment in shares of the Funds is not insured or guaranteed by the United States, by any state, or by the FDIC, is not a deposit or other obligation of the United States, any state, or a bank, or guaranteed by a bank, and involves investment risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested.

2. Money Market Mutual Fund funds are:
Not FDIC insured.
Not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by, Emprise Bank.
Subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested.