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It's more than a mortgage. It's a new beginning.

Your next house requires more than a mortgage to make it all happen. It takes patience, fresh paint—and most of all—it takes a partner. We’re here to help make your mortgage process quick and hassle-free so you can focus on starting your new chapter. Because we own and service our mortgages, we are by your side for the entire life of your loan.

Benefits of a home loan with Emprise:

  • Available for construction, purchase, and refinance
  • A variety of maturity options
  • Fast prequalifications – shop for your home with the peace of mind knowing you can afford the mortgage
  • Quick approvals
  • Loans are processed, underwritten, owned, and serviced by Emprise

Our mortgage specialists are ready to help you.

Confused about which home loan package is right for you? We can help. We have a lot of options, and our mortgage experts can offer easy-to-understand explanations and guidance so you can determine which program best suits your needs.

Erick Lujano

Erick Lujano

Mortgage Advisor (Spanish speaking)

2001 N. Broadway
Wichita, KS

Linda Foltz

Linda Foltz

Mortgage Advisor

21st & Webb
9485 E. 21st
Wichita, KS

Ranelle at Emprise Bank

Ranelle Fischer

Mortgage Advisor

Phone or Video
Appointment Only

Create a customized quote based on your loan details.

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Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS)

Emprise Bank: NMLS #457288

In accordance with the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (S.A.F.E. Act), Emprise Bank and its mortgage loan originators are registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS). Consumers may access information about a registered mortgage loan originator by visiting



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Eden, Kylee N.2348893
Elsen, Lindsey R.1695683
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Estrada, Karymeh A.2453463
Evans, Christopher L.2336782
Fischer, Ranelle S.1010067
Fisher, Alicia M.680658
Flores, Carmen L.2351078
Foltz, Linda L.597886
Fonkert, Maggie1088909
Foulke, Coni K.586886
Fowler, Sara L.2401807
Garcia, Jill R.597882
Gibbs, Rae L.597888
Graham, Glenn A.2403979
Granados, Leticia I.485690
Greenwell, Mark A.802789
Guardado, William2444451
Halsig, Finley J.1704412
Hammond, Dianne L.2385077
Hand, Diana L.631121
Harrod, Kiley D.2258705
Hennager Weyand, Alex M.1819282
Hernandez, Katherine L.2420302
Hibbs, Brandy N.2147274
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Horton, Brandon2588345
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Ingersoll, Michael C.1214658
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Marquart, Jacob F.1453855
McAlister, Kelsey E.2367723
McElwain, Kristina2403982
McDaniel, Chad W.772876
McKee, Kristin L.1814248
McKinley, Tosha L.934056
McVey, Jennifer A.2073977
Mehl, Matthew J.2372430
Melgar, Alex683287
Merchant, Katherine S.683984
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Montgomery, Erica L.1276909
Morgan, Hailey2550375
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Petterson, Linda K.680686
Reed, Tiffany M.1439851
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