Is Autobooks Right for You?

Autobooks, an invoicing and payments feature available within eBusiness Access, gives small business owners a new way to accept credit card and bank account payments directly into their business checking accounts—anytime from anywhere. Use Autobooks as a way to get paid faster with lower fees than just about every other credit card processor out there.

Invoicing and payments with Autobooks might be a good fit for your business if you:

  • Would like more control as to how your customers pay you.
  • Are tired of manually transferring funds from your current card processor to your bank account.
  • Don’t have a high volume of in-person payments.
  • Don’t rely on a specific software application to get paid.
  • Aren’t running an ecommerce shop (exclusively).
  • Pay more than 3.49% in transaction fees with your current credit card processor.
  • Have spent more minutes than you can count on hold with that credit card processor to see what on earth happened to *your* money.
  • Have had to smile and say, “Sorry, I don’t take cards” every time your customers ask.

Once your account is set up, you can quickly invoice your customers by email or ask them to pay by sharing your payment form link anywhere you already communicate with customers. Autobooks will track who pays you, how much, and when they paid - so you can get back to running your business.

If Autobooks sounds like the solution you have been looking for, sign up through eBusiness Access and get started in just a few short steps. If you're concerned Autobooks isn’t the right choice for your business, contact us and we'll be happy to talk through the options and offer suggestions.