Preparing for an Interview

So, you've got the attention of a potential employer and you have an interview scheduled. Here are a few suggestions to prepare for the big day.

Do your homework and research the company.

What are their values, mission, and goals? You might want to review LinkedIn and Glassdoor for different perspectives. Knowing something about the company is a positive reflection on you.

Also review the job description. What can you offer that is specifically listed in there?

Be prepared for common interview questions and don't be thrown off by the classic question: What's your biggest weakness?

Always answer honestly and ensure the interviewer you take steps to address these challenges. Practice makes perfect, so practice in front of a mirror or with the friend.

This is an opportunity for you to ask questions. Asking questions shows genuine interest on your part, so have several prepared in advance. These questions might include:

  • How does the company provide growth opportunities?
  • What have you enjoyed most about working here?
  • What have past employees done to succeed in this position?

Arrive on time.

Know where you're going and travel the route the day before. If you are not sure, taking care of minor details gives you a peace of mind and will allow you to focus on your interview.