Smishing Text Messages

Smishing 101: What You Need to Know

1. What's Smishing? Smishing is like phishing's cheeky little cousin. Instead of emails, cybercriminals use text messages to trick people into revealing personal information, clicking on malicious links, or downloading malware.

2. How Does it Work? The scammers send tempting texts that seem legit, like offers to refinance with Emprise Bank. They aim to create a sense of urgency, making victims act quickly without thinking.

3. Beware of Suspicious Links. Always double-check URLs before clicking. Legitimate banks won't send links via text for you to click and refinance. When in doubt, call us directly!

4. Guard Your Personal Info. Never share sensitive information like Social Security numbers or account details through text messages. Legit organizations won't ask for this via SMS.

5. Stay Informed. Encourage your friends and family to be vigilant. Share these tips and help create a safer digital world.

6. Report Suspicions. If you receive a smishing text or suspect one, report it to your bank to investigate and take necessary action.