Emprise Leadership Team

We believe in the quality of leadership demonstrated at all levels, and our executive leadership team at Emprise does a fine job of leading by example.

Emprise Bank Executive Management 

  • Matthew A. Michaelis, Chairman of the Board / President / Chief Executive Officer
  • M.D. Michaelis, Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Lora A. Barry, Executive Vice President - Bank Operations
  • R. Montgomery Briley, Executive Vice President - Commercial Banking
  • Bryce K. Carr, Executive Vice President - Wealth Management
  • Jim W. Faith, Executive Vice President - Commercial Banking
  • Vickie Haskell, Executive Vice President - Retail Banking
  • Andrea A. Scarpelli, Executive Vice President / Senior Credit Officer
  • Aaron K. Veatch, Executive Vice President / Chief Financial Officer / Cashier

Emprise Board Of Directors

  • Matthew A. Michaelis, Chairman / Emprise Bank
  • M.D. Michaelis, Vice Chairman / Emprise Bank & President / Emprise Financial Corporation
  • Thomas A. Page, Business Consultant / Emprise Bank
  • William R. Nath, President & Chief Executive Officer / HOC Industries
  • John H. Slaymaker, Investments
  • Kurt D. Watson, Business Consultant / Emprise Bank