Coverage when you need it most.

So you keep a pretty good tab on your balance for the most part. But there was that one time when your account balance wasn’t quite where you thought it was.

Avoid the inconvenience and awkwardness of an overdraft. Let Emprise keep you protected with our discretionary overdraft service.

Benefits of Overdraft Privilege:

  • Protect your account from overages
  • Avoid bounced check fees from retailers
  • Protect ATM and debit card transactions 
  • Coverage available up to $600*
  • No service fee unless you use it
  • No charge for transfers less than $5

Opt In or Opt Out for ATM and debit card transactions:

If your account is qualified for Emprise’s Overdraft Privilege and you have a debit card or ATM card, regulations require you to give us permission to authorize and pay your everyday debit card transactions (purchases from a merchant) or your ATM withdrawals when you don't have sufficient funds in your account.

You can change your Opt status by calling the Customer Service Center at 316-383-4301 or 855-383-4301.


*Restrictions and fees may apply. Subject to approval. Low $32 per-usage charge. Maximum of 5 charges per day. Contact us for complete information on Overdraft Privilege Service Description.