Optimize Your Credit Score | Creditworthiness Tips & Tricks

The interest rate environment in the United States is increasingly unpredictable. Buying a home, a car, or even getting a debt consolidation loan all depend on your ability to prove your creditworthiness. Follow these tips and tricks to keep your credit report clean, optimize your score, and get the loans you need.

Keep in mind, everyone’s credit situation is different. Knowing where you stand will help determine which of these tips is most important to focus on first.

  1. Optimize your credit utilization. In general, you want to use less than 30% of your available credit. Tip: Pay down your highest interest credit first but keep your cards open. 
  2. Make timely payments. Every late payment impacts your credit report. Tip: If you can’t make a payment on time, check with us about short-term loans such as CashPlease, which can help you bridge the gap between paydays and avoid those late payment consequences.
  3. Keep an eye on your credit report. If you see something that doesn’t make sense with your account activity, call your credit card company or lender immediately. Tip: Frequently check free sites such as CreditKarma.com or Experian.com to review your activity and credit score for changes.
  4. Add to your credit. It may seem strange but adding to your credit can help you build your credit score. Car loans, credit cards, or even a small dollar loan can help lower your credit risk for lenders. Tip: Call Emprise Bank to see how we can assist you in building your credit so you can get the best rates moving forward. 

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