Student Employment Scams

Found a job that’s too good to be true? Someone might be scamming you.

  • 46% of 18-34 year-olds reported facing employment scams
  • 95% of job email scams are directed at college students
  • $68 MILLION was lost by students due to fake business and job scams
    • Source: FTC, first quarter of 2022

Protect yourself—whether an offer is real, or a shady deal.

  • Never pay for the promise of a job offer. Legitimate employers never ask for payment.
  • Always do your research. Look up the company plus the words scam, review and complaint.
  • Don’t share personal or financial info online. Scammers could steal your identity and your money.
  • Never cash a check before you’ve done any work. It’s likely a fake check scam. The check will bounce, and you’ll end up paying for it.
  • Double check job opportunities sent from your school career center. Fraudsters often disguise scams as ‘secret shopper’ jobs.

Report Employment Scams

  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Your state’s Attorney General
  • Your school’s IT department (If the fraudulent email came from a school email account)

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Multiple rows of student employment scam data in infographic